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Discount Spider-man Comic Books

The Amazing Spider-man Comic Books You Should Own Now

Without a doubt certain Spider-man issues have outperformed over the years. These are what we call the "keys" and include such issues as Amazing Spider-man #1, #129, Amazing Fantasy #15 and many others. The key is to now only own these books, but to get them at a discount and in the correct grades. The idea of "buy the best condition you can afford" is flawed. Members of Comic Book Secrets (it's free!), get the picks as well as discount tricks and what grades to buy.

Don't Pay Guide for Common Spider-man Issues

I firmly believe that you should never pay more than 50% of Overstreet Price Guide for any "common" (non-key) issues. I cover this idea in "Retail is for Suckers." There are just way too many books out there in great condition for deep discounts to guide prices.

Below you see a selection of Spider-man comics on E-bay. Comic Book Secret's Members get the "Comics for Pennies" system where they discover how to get these books for up to 97% below guide. The system includes a full downloadble report as well as videos showing the system in action. You can purchase the entire system here, or get it as a special gift with your free membership to Comic Book Secrets.

Save Time and Quit Searching for Discount Spider-man Comics - Make them Magnetically Come to You!